Knight x Prince- SuzaLulu doujinshi, Code Geass, translated, part three

[Part one here]

[Part two here]

And there we are, it was tiring but fun to post doujin I’ve found here on tumblr so I’ll definitely do it again, I’ve got some other suzalulu doujin by Ashes to Ashes (the circle who did this) as well as some amazing (and really fucking strange) stuff by Rock’n’Dolless. I also have some douwata (I say some, I have two but they’re both pretty fucking awesome)

Now, for source, I originally found the raws of Knight x Prince on aarinfantasy and then, through a bit of digging, I was able to find an english scanlation on livejournal, I copied the link for the translation on the original post on aarinfantasy and have enjoyed my download for around two years now. Now, no matter how hard I try, I cannot find the livejournal I got the link from so if anyone could source it for me that would be amazing. However, I found the download link for the file so here ya go.


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